Resources to Host an Event

World Interaction Design Day (IxDD) is an opportunity for interaction designers to come together and celebrate our successes while advancing our craft. To do that, we need you! Anyone and everyone is welcome to host an event in their community in the name of promoting diversity and inclusion in design.

Ways to get started

Reach out to your local IxDA group or design related Meetup to see if they are planning something and how you can help.

Plan your own event


Secure a venue


Find a speaker—tap into your network to find knowledgeable experts on diversity and inclusion in design


Create a registration page—you might want to use MeetUp


Promote your event—use IxDD resources to add a header to your registration page and more!


Submit your event to the IxDD website

Promote Your Event

To get your event listed for World Interaction Design Day (IxDD), fill out the form below. Provided your event is accepted, it will be listed and promoted on our events page within 3 business days.

Event Submission Form

This will be public.

or Drag a JPG, GIF, PNG

680 × 440 px Download Template

Looking to see what other interaction designers in your community are planning? Check out IxDD events near you.

Download Resources

Download Adobe XD for free to customize these resources.


Customize and print your poster. This provides you with an easy way to promote your event around your community.

Event Headers

Add this to your event’s online registration page to easily communicate the event’s importance as part of World Interaction Design Day. Download XD for free to customize these event headers.


Add these to your existing promotional materials and make it clear you’re supporting the global interaction design community.

  • AI
  • SVG
  • XD
  • PNG White
    1080 × 1080 px
  • PNG Black
    1080 × 1080 px
  • PNG (MeetUp) White
    120 × 90 px
  • PNG (MeetUp) Black
    120 × 90 px


  • Trust and Consistency in Design

  • Trust and User Needs

  • Trust and Transparency in Design

  • Responsibility and Ethics for Design

  • Responsibility and Externalities

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